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We Love Reading initiative is based in Jordan, work in the MENA region and internationally.

literacy, education, libraries, children literature, women and girls, refugees.

Partnering Organizations

We Love Reading Program, under the patronage of Taghyeer organization, is an independent nonprofit organization that aims to foster the love of reading for pleasure among children, by implementing the We Love Reading program which constitutes training local men, women and youth to hold read aloud sessions in public spaces in their neighbourhoods where books are routinely read aloud to children. We Love Reading was founded in 2006 by Dr. Rana Dajani in Jordan, and has spread to 33 countries around the world, where thousands of We Love Reading libraries have been established. 
The purpose of Taghyeer organization is to empower people to lead and be the change in the community and also to spread the entrepreneurial spirit, Taghyeer strives to improve the cultural, social, psychological and education level of children, youth and women all over Jordan by building capacity in children and adults to become change makers through hands on training based on research and real life experiences.” 
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Reading Ambassadors

Yes, you can communicate via the initiative page on Facebook or Twitter @weloverading

You have the following suggestions by ambassadors are read like you:

  1. Search for places that give free books.
  2. Explore public libraries.
  3. Exchange books with colleagues (reading ambassadors close to your area).
  4. You can use books from the library of the neighborhood or provide books through parents of children if they wish to participate.

Yes, children love to listen to the story over and over again.

You will find the telephone number of the employee responsible on his or her business card in the bag or calendar. You can contact us during office hours from 8 am to 4 pm during business days.

Children 4 to 10 years old, and any other child is also welcome if they want to join you.

Once a week. The session must not exceed one half hour.

There is no minimum or maximum number of children per session. Each volunteer can start with a few number. After a while, each child will tell their friends and the number will increase over time.

You can start reading to children in your family or the children of the neighborhood where you live. Ask children to call their friends later. If you read in a center, there will be a number of children who are always present.

You can use community centers around you, reading in your home or places of worship like the mosque and the church. Or any safe place you enjoy reading to children periodically.


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If you live in Jordan, You can contact us to sign in your name to the nearest training in your area.

If you are outside Jordan, you can take the online training.

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