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About We Love Reading CSR

If you want to ensure conducting your business in a way that helps the economics and environment of your community considering human rights specially those tiny creatures who attends We Love Reading session, you have to  read Shams Ma’an  story with We Love Reading below and think how can you help?

In September 2016, “Shams Ma’an” contacted We Love Reading to cooperate in conducting training in “Prince Hussein culture center” in Ma’an for 46 Jordanian women on how to read stories for children and how to establish WLR libraries. 35 women started a We Love Reading libraries in their neighborhoods in MA’an and 1500 environmental books that were developed by WLR have been printed and distributed to children because of this cooperation!

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Reading session in Ma’an after the training

“Reading has become a habit to kids in Ma’an” – Remah –Reading ambassador from MA’an 

About We Love Reading Fundraise

You can help sustain We Love Reading through inviting WLR to fundraising event like what Harvard has done!

“Harvard Arab Alumni Association invited Dr. Rana Dajani (WLR founder) to be a speaker on the Panel "Education for Refugees - Bringing Hope for Every Child" at the ninth annual Harvard Arab Weekend (HAW), that took place 5-8 November 2015 at Harvard University to feature We Love Reading’s work in improving the literacy of refugee children all over Jordan.Harvard Arab Weekend is the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, and prides itself on showcasing diverse expertise and insight on the most pressing issues in the Arab world. 

In 2011, HAW was commended by the White House as “The Premier Arab World Conference” in North America. Dr. Rana was a leader of the education community at the panel and spoke about the context of refugees in Jordan, and the challenges that face Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and other refugees in seeking an education, and how WLR’s programs work to improve literacy for refugee and vulnerable children in Jordan. WLR had a table at the fundraising session at the Harvard Arab Weekend.  WLR promoted the program and the children books that they develop for interested partnerships and families.

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We Love Reading’s work is made possible by a growing network of supporters made up of people like you!

Together we can transform a generation of children into readers who love and respect books by establishing a library in every neighborhood whose impact on development of society is immeasurable.

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In kind donation

You can also help sustain We Love Reading through your services or any in-kind donation just like Saskia where she used her lens what will you use?!

Read below to know her story with We Love Reading so you can create yours as well!

“The instant I connected with Dr. Rana Dajani, the founder of the NGO Taghyeer / We Love Reading, I knew I wanted to collaborate with her.  A Jordanian molecular biologist, Dr. Rana is an Associate Professor at Hashemite University in Jordan. After spending 5 years abroad, witnessing the easy access to books and libraries, Dr. Rana came back to her country with a heightened awareness that instilling the love of reading wasn’t a high priority for most cultures in the Middle-East..

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