Through WLR ambassadors’ journey with the kids, children ‘s stories and the neighborhoods where they read, those success stories are born.


Little Ghassan Became a Reading Ambassador

I am the closest to their age and I know what they like better!

“2016/ Baqaa Camp - Jordan/ Ghassa...”

I am Ghassan from Syria, I came to Jordan with my family and now we live in Baqaa camp. My journey with We Love Reading started when I attended a training with my mother. During the training, I loved the idea of reading aloud so much that I was the most enthusiastic and active trainee. Because I was the youngest participant, I knew what children like!

After the training, I started reading at the Quran Center where I usually learn and memorize the Quran. After a few sessions I held, I noticed that my colleagues finish their lessons earlier and memories Quran verses faster to join the reading session. They loved the stories and shared them with their families, and the size of our group grew quickly. I needed some support to handle reading to this huge number of children. So, I trained two of my friends to read with me, and divided the children into three reading groups.

For a while, I stopped the sessions because of my school exams, but the children did not want me to stop reading. Everyone started calling me and some of them came to my house to ask why I stopped reading. Pursuing reading is important, so I bought some stories and gave them to my friends, whom I previously trained, and asked them to continue reading. And I opened the doors of my house for them to hold the reading sessions.

The owner of my building noticed the number of children who come to my home, and when I told her about the reading sessions, she prepared the roof of the building to become a permanent place for reading.

I was really amazed by the influence of reading on children. After I finish reading any of the stories, children start discussing what the story is really about. And when they see wrong behaviors, such as littering, they criticize that behavior.

Now, we have launched an initiative in collaboration with the Quran Center manager to clean the streets of the camp. The positive impacts of of reading have spread not only to the children but also to the wider community.

And as for the influence reading has had on me, I am proud to be an active change agent in my community. Everyone regardless of their age can have a great influence on their surroundings, through an idea as simple as reading sessions for children.  

I hope that We Love Reading will grow and reach more children around the world!