We Love Reading is more than just an organization, movements need causes, shared values, and common goals to give them a purpose, and we have all of these features.


The Movement

Children who read for pleasure exhibit stronger language skills, better academic performance, and a greater capacity for empathy. When children are not read to regularly, they are unlikely to develop a love or a habit of reading. In refugee camps across the Arab world, the need for education is overwhelming. In Jordan alone, there are more than 600,000 refugees, many of whom struggle to access to formal education. We Love Reading is well positioned to fill these educational gaps for refugee children because of its proven model and culturally appropriate stories, but in order to reach one million refugee children, we need to think big, work smarter, and scale faster. We need a movement

We Love Reading is more than just an organization –movements need causes, shared values, and common goals to give them a purpose, and we have all of these features. We Love Reading has launched the Read a Book, Spark Imagination movement in over 38 countries to train communities across across the world about the importance of reading aloud and how a love of reading helps children build a bright future.

Why a Movement? 

We are building a movement because movements are designed to spread ideas at scale. The idea behind We Love Reading is simple, powerful, and actionable, and this makes it ideal for the foundation of a movement. We also believe that communities are the best vehicles for fast-paced change, and our work puts us in a position to work directly with local volunteers throughout the world to empower them to become change-makers and movement-builders in their communities.

We Love Reading is already spreading on its own. “Innovation in Education”, a book by Charles Leadbeater, featured We Love Reading under the title “We are a movement!". Like all great social movements, it is tied to what people care most about: building a bright future for their children. It also allows people the opportunity to participate in multiple ways, ranging from easy to more difficult, and it shows participants the efficacy of their work by providing ongoing updates on progress and impact.


To keep the movement going, WLR will partner with NGOs around the world in local communities and refugee settlements to train local volunteers to become reading ambassadors. As they gain traction, and experience, reading will become a community-owned effort.

We Love Reading Ambassadors are becoming more than a network, they collaborate to bring about social change through reading. We are a movement that operates without attracting much attention, making much noise, or seeking confrontation. Instead, we aim to bring about long term cultural change. We Love Reading is not delivering a service; rather it fosters skills and opportunities in hundreds of local women and men enabling to creatively serve their communities and themselves. 

Today, WLR is poised to light the first match, sparking a global movement that encourages all children to develop a love of reading, no matter where they live. Reading is the means, but our causes include:

  • bringing children at a young age to realize that they can and should think for themselves
  • creating capabilities in hundreds of local women
  • sustainable social and cultural change brought about through reading and capacity building
  • positive change through the simple yet complex vehicle of a children’s book  

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