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  • Roxi Louise (2016)
    Helping children learn to love reading may seem like such a simple goal, innocuous and reasonable, and that what's I thought when I walked through We Love Reading's doors in Amman for the first time. But over the course of my two month internship I have come to realize that what WLR is working to accomplish encompasses so much more than that. In fact, the course that WLR has set itself on is quite revolutionary, and incredibly multi-faceted. This amazing organization is quietly working to change a culture: empowering women, inspiring refugees, educating about issues from the environment to empathy, uniting communities, and, of course, fostering a love of reading in youth. I leave Jordan incredibly awed by the passion of the people that work here, and for the important mission that they have committed themselves to.
  • Valerio Graziano (2016)
    Graduated at University of Naples L’”Orientale” in Oriental and African Languages and Cultures, travels in Jordan to deepen the study of the Arabic language and literature. The discovery of the WLR reality is a happy one, thus providing the occasion to experience the very process of creating literature, from story-making to story-telling, while providing vital cultural nourishment for children without discrimination. No second thoughts on advancing the request for an internship.
    "What really commits me is the complete adherence to the spirit of the initiative: responsible social development by culture.”
  • Roza (2015)
    For me, reading should not be a luxury for a few, but a necessity for every child and WLR is the perfect vehicle for introducing and nurturing love for this vital skill which can provide so much joy. I feel very lucky to have been able to work with WLR .

  • Humam Abu Jamous
    A student at the Bishops School in Amman. He is very passionate about swimming. He is willing to contribute to We Love Reading by communicating with the local community. Planning to build a hospital when he grows up, Humam is determined to overcome all challenges and obstacles to achieve that dream no matter what it will take him.

“The best thing about We Love Reading is that is built on very solid connection between all volunteers and staff, and this net of connection is what makes it unique.”—Humam Abu Jamous 

  • Laith Kassisieh 
    A15-year-old intern, who is currently a student at King’s Academy. Before attending King’s Academy, Laith studied at the National Orthodox School. Laith is an open-minded, friendly and talented person. He enjoys playing the violin, swimming and tennis. In addition, he is passionate about math and science. Laith is also very supportive, curious and hardworking at all times. He decided to join the “We Love Reading” initiative, because he recognized that Taghyeer is a Jordanian-led organization that has proven extremely successful worldwide, hence he was inspired to support it in his own homeland. Laith hopes to engage and connect with the local community through “We Love Reading.” He also hopes to motivate and encourage children to have fun with learning.

“I’m here because I want to make a change.” – Laith Kassisieh

  • Farah Attia
    A student at MIT in the United States, is currently a volunteer at the Yale Bio-maker Project in ‘We Love Reading’. She has heard about ‘We Love Reading’ from her friend Nour Doukmak back in MIT. If she were asked to describe We Love Reading to a young child, she would say: ‘If you don’t read, you’re missing out on a whole world of possibilities’. In addition, Farah enjoys creative writing, reading, painting and drawing, and she just started volunteering with us a month ago.
  • Bushra Al-Sou’b 
    A rising 11th grader at King’s Academy, Jordan. She is one of the most if not the most passionate person you could ever meet. Born in Karak, she lived there for 11 years after which she moved to live in Amman along with her 5 siblings as well as her parents. She has a keen interest in outer space as she participated in Space Camp in Izmir, Turkey last summer. Her interest in the politics of the Middle East has motivated her to take part in the NIR School of the Heart, where Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli young leaders discuss the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a peaceful setting that models coexistence. Furthermore, Bushra enjoys many leadership positions at her school as she is the Jordan Model Parliament president as well as the Security Council Forum president at her school. Reading plays a major role in inspiring Bushra every day and she wants to pass on that interest to young children of Jordan and the world, ‘because [she] believes that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow,’ and there is no better way to empower them than by letting them enjoy reading.
  • Katerina Saleh 
    A rising junior and currently attends the high school of King’s Academy. Katerina comes from a very diverse background as she has lived in three different countries throughout her life so far – Greece, England, and Jordan. Being both half-Greek and half-Jordanian has helped her evolve into a person who’s always completely open to new ideas, new people and certainly new environments. Not only do she accept diverse lifestyles, values and mindsets, but also cherishes and embraces them at all times. She is a vibrant, cheerful and spirited person, who motivates those around her with positive thoughts and a bright attitude. She loves dancing, acting and playing sports as well as anything that is creative and fun. Katerina loves reading and believes that it is both a fun way to pass time and an educational means in life, as it expands and deepens one’s knowledge and even sparks one’s creativity bringing forth more innovation to life. Katerina is always ready to learn new things as well as support and help those around her.
  • Rebecca Wenner
    a graduate student at Yale University, has just joined “We Love Reading” as an intern working on the joint project between Yale University and “We Love Reading” that evaluates MERCI helping Syrian refugees in Jordan. Rebecca is a public health student, who was very interested in the Syrian refugee mental health issue; hence she contacted Dr. Rana Dajani and decided to finally come to Jordan, as she had always wanted to visit the Middle East. What attracted Rebecca the most to the WLR initiative and the Taghyeer Organization was the idea that WLR is bringing more literacy to the Middle East. Rebecca saw this simple internship as a great opportunity to witness some exciting and groundbreaking work happen as books and storytelling were brought into little children’s lives.

“WLR allows you to tell your own stories and embrace your own imagination.” – Rebecca Wenner