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Read Aloud Training at Zaha Cultural Center

December: WLR hosts a read aloud training at Zaha Cultural Center

Celebrating Internationl Reading Day

April: We Love Reading set up a booth at City Mall celebrating International Reading Day.

Children were given books to read and there was read aloud sessions throughout the day.

Training Municipality of Amman Librarians

2010: WLR trained 70 librarians of the Municipality of Amman libraries in June 2010

WLR Was Officially Launched in a Ceremony in the Hussein Cultural Center

2010: Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture WLR was officially launched in a ceremony held in the Hussein Cultural Center on the 17th of July, 2010.

WLR has many goals, with establishing a library in every neighborhood being its primary one. Several Memorandums of Understanding were signed during the ceremony between WLR and Zaha Cultural Center, Business Development Center, Injaz and Arabic Book Program.

Training Workshop in AlBalad Theater

2010: Training workshop in AlBalad Theater in May,2010.

A Visit to Karak

2010 In collaboration with INJAZ business leaders campaign, We Love Reading founder Rana Dajani visited the youth in Karak and talked about her initiative on 30\11\2010.

A Collaboration with Save the Children in Amman

2010: We love reading in collaboration with Save the Children in Amman, trained 20 women how to read aloud to start read aloud session in the Save the children centers in Jordan on the 17th of June, 2010.

A Booth at the Kids Expo in Amman

 Hind Hammad a professional storyteller read stories while Volunteers helped manage the booth.

Also brochures were handed out and interested people from the community signed up to be part of the We Love Reading initiative.

We Love Reading Training Workshops around Jordan

2010:We Love Reading held storytelling sessions in Madaba, North Shouna and Amman.

A total of 65 women were trained how to read aloud and how to set up the We Love Reading model by Denes Assad and Rana Dajani.

An Honorary Invitation to Join the Clinton Global Initiative


2010: WLR received an honorary invitation to the join the Global Initiative and we have pledged to open 100 more libraries by 2015!


Taghyeer (Change) Organization is Registered Officially as an NGO

2010: Taghyeer (Change) organization is registered officially as an NGO in the Ministry of Culture. Taghyeer is the official umbrella of WLR.

An Interview on Jordan TV

2010: Rana Dajani Founder and CEO of we love reading was interviewed on Jordan TV and talked about WLR and its next steps.

Mother and Child Foundation in Turkey Partners with We Love Reading

2010: ACEV (Mother and Child Foundation in Turkey) has partnered with the "We Love Reading" initiative and launched its own “WOMEN’S SUPPORT PROGRAM AND READING DAYS" in Istanbul, Turkey.

The program is an intergenerational intervention to promote literacy and reading among socio-economically disadvantaged women and children with a structured program over 10 weeks. 

ACEV has benefited from the approach and methodology of "We Love Reading" of Jordan and adapted it to adults and younger children in Turkey.

Training Workshop in JU

The US embassy in Amman held a training workshop for university students on how to read aloud at the Jordan University in collaborations with We Love Reading. Trained students went into summer camps to read aloud to the children during the summer vacation.