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Rama Khouri - Saint George Church in Anjarah.

My name is Rama Khouri and I am 18 years old. I heard about the WLR training through the Alamani Association who had given WLR a list of people to contact, including me. This training was amazing and it brought up so many new ideas

. This is an amazing initiative because it puts a spotlight on a neglected area in children’s development. When I was younger, I didn’t like to read very much, but at church they started to read religious stories to us. Then at home, my father started to ask us to read to him, and my aunt (who has a PhD in Arabic) always encouraged us to read and increase our vocabulary. My aunt also always used to speak to us in fuSHa as well. After the training, I would love to spread the idea of WLR inside the Church of Saint George in Anjarah, gather children at the church, and encourage them to read by hosting read-aloud sessions. I wish all people would start to read for themselves, and then read to children to foster a generation of children that loves reading. I will be the first reader in the Saint George Church in Anjarah.