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Make a child read forever…


We Love Reading’s work is made possible by a growing network of supporters made up of people like you!

Together we can transform a generation of children into readers who love and respect books by establishing a library in every neighborhood whose impact on development of society is immeasurable.

Through your contribution, children can feel the thrill of whole new worlds opened through reading, as well as the limitless opportunities reading makes possible. They become change makers in their communities.

We Love Reading is a non-profit organization registered at the Ministry of Culture in Jordan. It has established 330 libraries in the past five years and impacted over 10,000 children in Jordan.

We Love Reading has spread to Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Gaza, Egypt, Sudan, Tunis, Algeries, Morroco, Uganda, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Germany, USA, Mexico

By 2020, our aim is to establish 1,000 libraries all over Jordan, and to reach every country in the world.


Choose your donation amount

One book for one child 10 USD
Train a local woman to be a librarian 100 USD
Sponsor the opening of a new library 1000 USD


Help us with whatever you can...