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Reading is essential to the development of children’s personality, imagination, and cognitive skills. Arabia News estimated that the # of pages read for pleasure in the Middle East is 0.5/year, while for the USA it’s 11 books/year, negatively impacting education systems and economic outputs of the region.

Children must learn to love and enjoy reading to reap its benefits. Many programs that attempted to increase reading levels by providing books have failed. Research has shown that reading aloud is key in fostering the love of reading. In the West, this task is fulfilled by parents, teachers or librarians. Although these individuals are present in developing countries, the culture hasn’t embedded a sense of enthusiasm for reading aloud, and many are illiterate or lack reading skills and habits. 


To establish a library in every neighborhood in the Arab world by training individuals to read out loud to 4-10 year old children from local communities, reading material that is fun and age appropriate, as well as organizing the storytellers in a network for sustainability.  


A society that loves to read at any time and place.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Spread awareness among parents about the importance and benefits of reading to children.
  2. Help kids develop a bond and love toward reading at a young age.
  3. Shift the way society in Jordan perceives reading and their investment in it.
  4. Train more groups of storytellers in different neighborhoods in different provinces in Jordan.
  5. Establish more “We Love Reading” libraries and storytelling sessions in neighborhoods across Jordan.
  6. Create a solid and growing storytellers network.
  7. Spread the idea and message of “We Love Reading” to reach over 10,000 individuals through TV, radio, newspaper and other media venues.
  8. Establish more collaborations and connections with organizations abroad.
  9. Build a growing collection and choices of children stories in the Arabic language.
  10. Help shape the future and minds of young children and expand their creativity and horizon.