“I want to buy the license for We Love Reading books.  I can’t believe these are made in Jordan by Jordanians. The quality is amazing”- Carol Sakoin Vice President of Scholastic.


Book development Department

At We Love Reading, our book development department is specialized in the development of illustrated children’s books, designed for readers between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. Books are developed according to set criteria and methodology, and produced in collaboration with local writers, illustrators and designers.  Education and language consultants review the book contents to ensure their suitability for respective themes.  We implement testing sessions to ensure that our books are enjoyed by children.  Today, our books are used in school curricula such as We Love Reading began developing its own children’s books in 2012. In collaboration with the Arabic Book Project and the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, our first initiative worked with a group of Jordanian students from eight different governances to translate “Bridge to Teribithia” and the “Apple Tree,” two popular books from the U.S, into Arabic. Nadine Wickenden, an internationally known illustrator, mentored six Jordanian artists who illustrated the books.

In the following year, the book development department began to form at Tagyheer/We Love Reading, through a project funded by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development). The department developed ten children’s books aimed at the age ranges of 4-6 and 7-10 years old, themed around environment awareness, with a focus on water and electricity conservation and recycling. By working with Jordanian authors and illustrators, the initiative developed books appropriate to our Arab identities, social realities, traditions, and cultures.

Following the success of these initial projects, the book development team carried out extensive research, to further its expertise in children’s literature. The team acquired knowledge in the development of children’s books according to international standards, and went on to design its own standards specific to Jordanian culture and society.


At WLR, our work is grounded in partnerships with local people, and the book development team has worked to overcome the difficulty of finding Jordanian authors and illustrators focused on children’s literature. While implementing the USAID project, the team met this challenge by accepting drafts of the authors’ and illustrators’ work, and selecting the ten best authors and illustrators according to their newly established standards. A proofreader and an educational consultant also reviewed these books.

Most recently, the book development department worked with Jordanian and Arab authors and illustrators, as well as UNICEF, to develop a set of ten children’s books. Designed to meet the standards set forth by the department, these books deal with topics such as accepting physical and mental disabilities, social unity, and battling the issue of violence. In all stages of development, the department worked closely with consultants and proofreaders to produce high quality products.


WLR has developed 32 children books that cover the following themes
1. Environment: resource conservation, anti-littering
2. Empathy and social cohesion 
3. Nonviolence 
4. Refugees 
5. Gender 
6. Disabilities

Story Books Developed by WLR

WLR has developed 32 children books that cover the following themes Environment (resource conservation, and anti-littering), Empathy and Social cohesion, Nonviolence, Refugees, Gender, and Disabilities. 

You can take an overview about these books by reviewing the WLR books' Catalogue below.

Empathy and psychosocial stories

The apple tree

Author: Ahmed al Hawatmah Drawing

The Bridge to Dream land

Author: Huda Eissa Al Kannass, Balq

Environment Stories

The Amazing Water Hero

Author: Mahmoud Abu Farwa Alrajabi

A Sun Without Bills

Author: Mahmoud Abu Farwa Alrajabi

Why Did Electricity Run Away?

Author: Nerdeen Abou Nabaa Drawin

Salma’s Riddle

Author: Imane Zaheer Altarawna Dr

Eid Gift

Author: Fedaa Azoumr Drawings: Ra

Shafafa’s Enjoyable Trip

Author: Nerdin Abou Nabaa Drawing

Other books developed by WLR


Author: Maya Abou al Hayyat Drawi

My Brother Hany

Author: Oroub Sobh Drawings: Haya

We’re The Same

Author: Mariam Kamal Abedi Saja N

Hatta the Cat’s Mother

Author: Bassam al Tajjy Drawings:

The Word’s Cook

Author: Maya Abou al Hayyat Drawi

I Would Like to Introduce You To

Author: Arroub Sobh Drawings: Ish