• Shift the way society

    in Jordan perceives

    reading and its investment in it

  • Address of the Month

    We Love Reading Founder

  • Spread awareness

    among parents

    about the importance and benefits of reading to children

  • Reading session in Azraq Camp

    In Jordan

The Movement

Be a Part of the Movement & Help Us to empower communities through activism of local volunteers from the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the developing world.

Be the change to foster a love of reading in every child in every neighborhood around the world.

Accept our Challenge and Start a Library in Your Neighborhood. 

WLR provides books, training, and support to volunteers like you!

Join the movement!

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What We Do

The key to We Love Reading’s success is its innovative, award-winning model, which incorporates human-centered design..

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We Love Reading brings its model to communities around the world with our online and face-to-face training..

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We Love Reading has designed and published over 30 books related to themes including gender equality, refugees..

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Success Story


We are unique

The WLR model is designed to be simple, accessible, and cost-effective, making it easily adapted to diverse cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic contexts.

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The flexibility of our community-based model makes it very easy to scale up and spread, and also makes it ideal for the basis of a reading movement.

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WLR believes in “paying it forward” – we train community members to encourage the love of reading in children, who pass that love onto their peers and families.

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WLR around the World

Children must learn to love and enjoy reading to reap its benefits 

In 2017 WLR has Reached

  • 45 Countries around the world
  • 438,892 Child attended WLR sessions
  • 3962 WLR libraries around the world


  In Progress
 Not Reached